the center for american homeless veterans

We had a wonderful time going to the SouthEast DC Veterans'

Transitional Facility. They loved the donations and the veterans

were very thankful for everything! We are still accepting donations

for this facility as they are preparing for the Fall and Winter. Upon

speaking with the director, he ensured us that since the DC Vets'

home is a transitional facility; new veterans coming in would

receive their very own set of bedding and personal needs. As

veterans leave, they take the bedding with them so that everyone

gets a fresh set of towels and necessities. For those still interested

in helping out, we are looking for bedding, pillows and pillowcases,

toiletries and towels and comforters for the veterans to receive

These goods can be dropped off at our Headquarters at

210 East Broad St. Suite 202 Falls Church, VA 22046. 

Click below to learn more about Southeast Veteran Service Shelter!

We will also continue to accept donations for these two facilities as well! 

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