Nationwide Advocacy Since 1993 for Those Who Served

​​the center for american homeless veterans

Association for Homeless and disabled veterans

III. Earned Media Campaign

CAHV conducts a nationwide earned media campaign; a sustained and continued free media campaign nationwide, employing radio interviews and news releases to inform the public about the needs and solutions for homeless veterans, to generate support for local transitional facilities for homeless veterans, by describing their programs and to urge the public to contact their Members of Congress to support pending legislation providing support for homeless veterans.

II. Legislative action on capitol hill

CAHV conducts outreach to all 535 Members of the U.S. Congress in a massive bi-partisan program of phone, fax, e-mail and snail mail contact, informing the Congresspersons & Senators of the needs of American and homeless veterans, and urging them to make veterans a high priority.

I. Veterans' Vision Publication

CAHV publishes, prints, and distributes the nationwide publication, the Veterans' Vision. The publication focuses the experience and dedication of veterans and leaders of the nation on the challenges and solutions for American Veterans, especially those returning from war zones and homeless veterans. Featuring over 20 original articles by Members of Congress, thousands of copies of the 40 page free publication were distributed nationwide. Copies were delivered by mail, at public events, to every Hill Congressional Office and delivered to virtually every delegate hotel everyday during the GOP National Convention in Tampa and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

The Center for American Homeless Veterans (CAHV) Is an advocacy organization that fulfills its mission by educating the American Public about the existence of Homeless Veterans and Creating Awareness of Solutions that molds public policy to get them back into society.